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Grateful Dead Live at Merramec Community College on 1970-05-14


*** Acoustic Grateful Dead ***
01) [03:14] tuning, stage banter, intro
02) [04:21] Don't Ease Me In
03) [04:03] Friend Of The Devil
04) [06:22] Deep Elem Blues
05) [05:24] Silver Threads And Golden Needles
06) [06:10] Candyman
*** New Riders of The Purple Sage ***
07) [00:40] tuning, stage banter
08) [04:15] Six Days On The Road
09) [05:25] Whatcha Gonna Do, stage banter
10) [06:43] Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
11) [04:43] I Don't Know You
12) [04:29] Cecilia
13) [04:58] Can't Pay The Price

Total Time: 01:00:52 h:m:s


*** New Riders of The Purple Sage (cont) ***
01) [03:00] Henry (1st attempt), stage banter
02) [01:28] Henry (2nd attempt)
03) [07:04] Garden Of Eden
04) [04:31] Fair Chance To Know *
05) [06:19] Last Lonely Eagle
06) [04:11] Lodi
07) [00:24] Honkytonk Woman (aborted)
08) [00:20] The Weight//
*** Electric Grateful Dead ***
09) [04:55] Casey Jones
10) [04:46] China Cat Sunflower->
11) [04:32] I Know You Rider
12) [02:27] Mama Tried->
13) [06:52] High Time
14) [00:33] drums->
15) [01:39] Good Lovin'->
16) [03:23] drums->
17) [06:35] Good Lovin'

Total Time: 01:03:08 h:m:s


*** Electric Grateful Dead (cont) ***
01) [10:58] Good Morning Little School Girl
02) [03:26] Me And My Uncle
[missing] Dire Wolf
03) [06:18] Cold Rain & Snow
04) [05:20] Attics Of My Life
05) [04:16] Cumberland Blues
06) [06:27] New Speedway Boogie->
07) [01:34] Nobody's Fault But Mine jam->
08) [01:12] New Speedway Boogie->
09) [06:30] St. Stephen->
10) [06:46] Not Fade Away->
11) [17:17] Turn On Your Love Light
*** Encore ***
[missing] Cold Jordan

Total Time: 01:10:08 h:m:s

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Merramec Community College
Location Kirkwood, MO

Source Soundboard
Transferred by Jack Warner, Marc Evans, Jim Powell


Most currently circulating CDRs are partial selections from this show, many exclude the NRPS set entirely and all seem to be missing "Fair Chance To Know". This version is still missing most of "The Weight", "Dire Wolf", and the "Cold Jordan" encore. Other than these defects it represents the complete show in the correct order and excellent sound.

Remastered by Jack Warner
DAE and FLAC encoding by Marc Evans
Projected coordinated by Jim Powell
Special thanks to DW


Reviewer: bigtreesnotbigstumpz - - January 17, 2014
Subject: Friends At This Show-Left Early In Disgust
I have an old timer friend that drove 100 miles with friends from Springfield, Illinois to attend this show. I asked him about the show. He gave a look of disgust and said "They played acoustic instruments and it sucked. We thought we were going to see the real Grateful Dead, not wimpy soft acoustic music, so we left." I told him that they would have played electric later in the set. He just shook his said and said, "They sucked."
Reviewer: chris phillips - - August 13, 2013
Subject: best vintage
Schoolgirl and New Speedway rip as does the China>Rider for that matter.
Reviewer: ms42466 - - October 3, 2012
Subject: fine stuff
5 star
Reviewer: Smerdyakov - - May 9, 2010
Subject: Get your fix on this one kids.
There are plenty of peak jams here, that deserve to be placed on equal ground with the more lauded shows from this year. Concentrate on the good stuff here(St Stephen for a taste of the magic). You won't be disappointed.
Classic Dead of the highest order. Bravo.
Reviewer: beantown_adc - - January 18, 2010
Subject: It could have been pretty good, but...
It sounds like the boys left their tuners somewhere back on the eastern seaboard. It's noticeable throughout the whole show, but it really gets ugly starting with Bobby's guitar on China Cat, and by the time High Time rolls around it's downright grating. I can forgive a owing to the trials of being on the road, sharing the stage w/other bands etc. But when the tuning's off...well, it's just unlistenable.
Reviewer: Ernie Bo-Peep - - January 13, 2010
Subject: For fudoki
I believe the show you attended was on 5/10/70 at the Atlanta Sports Arena. Unfortunately nothing circulates from that show and likely never will. I found this note at

[According to Barry Welch, who attended the concert, it was announced before the show that TWA had failed to deliver the band's equipment and they were going to borrow the Allman Bros' gear, and first the Allmans would play a set, and then the Dead would play a set, and then they'd Jam together. According to Chris Cole who attended this show it was an afternoon show and among the tunes played were Hard To Handle and The Other One. The Dead Jammed with the Allmans during the Allmans' set as well. DeadBase IX lists a Mama Tried and a Will The Circle Be Unbroken, the latter with the Allman Bros.]

Found a ticket too:
Reviewer: fudoki - - November 22, 2009
Subject: Flashback of lost concert...
The play list of this show, with acoustic and electric sections is just so close to a show I saw them play at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in 1970 or 1971. I can't find a recording of this show, or even a play list, but there was one really specific "tag" in that Fox show - Jerry played a pedal steel guitar during the acoustic set. He played a song or two on acoustic guitar, then all but the last acoustic song on the pedal steel - and it was GREAT!!. Two of the three friends I went with have asked me if I have found a tape of the show, and specifically mentioned the pedal steel guitar.

Does anyone have any idea what the exact date of this show was; and if recordings exist? It would be such a fine rush to get this info!

Stay in touch!

Reviewer: gr8fulded425 - - April 14, 2009
Subject: Great show
amazing setlist and could not help but comment on the good lovin', when they go back into it its just plain dirty...felt as though it was a pretty unique version as well
Reviewer: cb18201 - - January 19, 2009
Subject: haha
funny banter on the first track, "hows about turnin all the lights off, all of em!" then two seconds later "ya we could prolly use a little more than that i mean i aint exactly the 50,000 watt clear channel voice of rationality" haha where does Weir come up with this stuff? then Garcia: "hey Bills monitor doesnt it does" great show. give a listen
Reviewer: Mr. Greenbottles - - December 4, 2008
Subject: Great set list...
The Dead played St. Louis fairly often in the early '70s, Meramec CC and Washington U., as well as the Fox Theater. Just listening to this show for the first time and it's a great set list. My advertising class had a project to promote an Asleep at the Wheel concert in the same gym as this show, we did the poster and placement. Fun stuff.
Reviewer: Krusty the Baker - - November 5, 2008
Subject: Reality Check!!
Would this be the tape you gave to someone as an introduction to the Dead? Er, no, it wouldn't. So, it isn't 5-star.

Why no? Well the sound quality, for starters. I don't doubt that the best has been made of a bad job here, no criticism of the guys who put it here, but there is fair bit of hiss, some nasty cuts, and the bass has a habit of disappearing.

And the set? Yes, there are moments; 'Cumberland', 'NFA' are ace. But St.Stephen is not the best you'll find, and 'Attics' is awful. Garcia can't get with the rest of the band on the vocals.

So you wouldn't use this as an intro to the GD. It's for devotees only.
Reviewer: Burnt Rich - - May 14, 2008
Subject: WOW!!!!!!!!
This is a real gem'!!! Excellent sound quality--the hiss is not that apparent as you get lost in the show--the energy is so palpable, it usurps any deficiencies in the audio quality dept.---too hot to notice after the first song.....the 3rd set/disc is out of this world!!!!!!!! I am gonna wear a hole in my rug w/ another couple months of these daily Archive solo-dance parties!! Thanks again to all who toil in getting these beauties up on this site. What a show!!
Reviewer: erik65 - - April 12, 2008
Subject: 'rik's picks #1: 5-14-70 Kirkwood Mo. GD+NRPS
This is another one of those unheard-of gems. As good as many of Dick's Picks; not too many warts. Look at all the songs! One huge disappointment: "The Weight" gets cut after the first few words! The "Schoolgirl" rocks, with Jerry on that Sunburst Strat, letting it rip, and also the last 6 tracks of electric Dead really smoke.
I'm giving this thing 4.5 stars because the show is excellent, and the sound is very good, close to great, but there's a slight hiss.
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